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Sunsets and Horizons

I have unwittingly discovered a few things about myself this past weekend:
1. I am claustrophobic
2. I married into a wonderfully eccentric family
3. I don't like being uncomfortable
4. I can move forward, even in the midst of some pretty major fall-aparts

Let me explain these discoveries. This past weekend Dustin and I went on an adventure with the Mahlers. My father-in-law decided we were going to live it up in Leavenworth the Clark Griswold way (circa, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation). He rented an RV, complete with shameless company advertizing stamped all over it (there was no need to question exactly who we rented it from) and a gypsy caravan of neighbors and friends to enjoy the weekend with us. Now, my Father-In-law goes nowhere without all of the major essentials for luxury, including enough gourmet food to feed an army, party lights, extra t.p., music for every venue, beer glasses, your wine glasses, plastic cups for everyday use, and a couple of steins in hon…